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Natural reeds are a popular nesting material for solitary bees. The tubes crack and split easily, which allows for a quick collection of cocoons after the season. This natural lake cane is visually appealing in that its small differences in size allow the bees to find the right nest with the right size that suits them best.

Our cane tubes are hand cut and collected.

Each cane must be sealed at one end with an ideal natural barrier such as mud, thus preventing parasitic wasps and other pests from entering the nest.

During the autumn harvest, break the end of the cane with your fingers and tear off the cane to reveal cocoons and pests.

Cane tubes are ideal not only for solitary and wild bees nesting in cavities, but also offer a suitable abode for beneficial solitary axes!

One tube represents one nest for one solitary bee. The nesting tubes are tied into small units and inserted into insect houses. The tubes in the house must be placed in places protected from the rain.

Tube length: 15mm

Thickness: 1mm

Ideal diameter for Osmia Cornuta :  8-10mm

Ideal diameter for Osmia Rufa :  5-7mm

1 bee need 1 -2 reed / season.

Use for 1 season.

Material: natural reeds