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Paper tubes

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Paper tubes are one of the most commonly used nesting materials. One tube represents one nest for one solitary bee. The nesting tubes are tied into small units and inserted into insect houses. The tubes in the house must be placed in places protected from the rain. They are made of recycled paper in the form of a spiral. This allows for easy collection of cocoons after the season. Soak the tube in water for a few minutes and simply untangle it.

   Solitary bees accept tubes only as they are closed on one side by an ideal natural barrier such as e.g. mud. Depending on the season and the availability of food, 1 osmium can fill 1-2 tubes during a lifetime.

We recommend purchasing colored wood targets for this product. It helps bees to orient themselves to the nest.


Tube length: 15.2mm

Thickness: 1mm

Weight: 4g

Outer diameter of tubes: 10mm

Inner diameter of tubes: 8mm

Material: recycled paper

Recommended use for 1 season