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Colored targets

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To help bees find their nest as easily as possible among the large number of tubes that look the same, the bees look for any clues that will help them find their way around quickly. Imagine that you have to find yours in 100 of the tubes placed next to each other in flight. The chances that you make a mistake from time to time and visit a foreign nest are so great.

  Therefore, it is appropriate to break the regular structure of the nest a bit. Colored targets are a good example of how a bee remembers how far, or to the right, left or up or down of the target is its nest. If we facilitate the smooth flow of bees to their houses, we will also speed up the pollination process.

If you ever see bees fly to the nest and then hover in front of the nest for a while, it's because they're looking for their nest.

Target length: 15cm

Diameter: 8mm, 6mm, 4mm

Material: beech